About Us

Many people mistakenly believe that immigration to Canada is just about "filling forms" when in fact, the Canadian immigration law is quite complex and it changes frequently.
While the forms and guides published on Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website may be useful, they are far from being comprehensive. Also, the available legal information is very hard to understand for the mainstream and any misinterpretation of the law may result in serious consequences.
Self-assessment tools in the CIC website do not always provide an accurate profile evaluation. The process of assessment requires a thorough understanding of laws and regulations which are regularly being revised according the current government's needs.
Our professionals in Canada Immigration International possess the legal knowledge and expertise to identify solutions and the ideal course of action that meet the client's needs.
Here is how we can help:
  • We assess our client's profile in a very accurate way
  • We tell our clients about their chances of submitting successful immigration applications.
  • We explain all available options  to our clients and assist them in making the right choices. 
  • We know the particulars of the different visa offices and we prepare our files according to their requirements.
  • We know all forms involved in an immigration process, which eliminates any room for mistakes and returned files for incompleteness.
  • Time is money and we can often get results much more quickly than someone trying to handle the matter on their own. 
  • We offer a very personalized service to the people who hire us.
  • We take the stress off our clients' shoulder and take on all communications with Citizenship and Immigration Canada on their behalf.
  • We are always available to answer any questions our clients have at any stage of the process.
"I was very satisfied and happy with your services: your advice, your availability, and always trying to help in any way you can." - Olivia B(December 2008)