Letters of Invitation - Visitor Visa

Letters of Invitation for Persons Applying for a Temporary Resident Visa to Visit Canada - Visitor Visa

Letters of invitation are required by person(s) applying for a visa to visit Canada for a specific period of time.
A Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada may 'invite' a person who is outside of Canada and wishes to enter Canada on a Temporary Resident Visa. 
A letter of invitation is generally required by the visa offices abroad and usually it is needed be notarized by a notary public or a commissioner of Oath. The letter of invitation must include specific information about both the person inviting the person to Canada and the person or persons being invited.
Once you have the letter of invitation and, had it notarized you must send it to the person you are inviting to Canada.  The person or persons applying for a visitor visa will have to submit the letter of invitation to the Canadian Embassy or Consulate outside of Canada when they submit their application.
A letter of invitation does not guarantee that a visa will be issued.
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Our Fees:
$30 per signature. $15 for additional documents brought to same appointment. Extra charges may apply if you require us to draft your Oath or invitation letter.
What do I need to bring with me?
Bring two (2) pieces of photo identification and the documents to be sworn.
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